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Traser Watches

Traser Trigalight IlluminationWatches has emerged as one of the finest and most prestigious watch designers and manufacturers in Switzerland.  Traser Watches is a division of H3 mb-microtec, the world's only manufacturer of Tritium Illumination Tubes, called Tragalights.

Traser watches are renowned for their unique illumination system, accuracy and reliability, and it is for this reason that Special Forces use them across the world. Traser by H3 mb-microtec is the original Swiss Made Military Tritium Illuminated Watch.  The Traser H3 utilizes the Tritium Gas Light Source that make them the easiest watches in the world to see in low light or zero light conditions. No need to press any buttons or hold them up to the light, the H3 dial illuminates continuously for a period of twenty-five years or more and is guaranteed for 10 years!

No one makes a tougher, stronger, more durable sport, military or law enforcement timepiece. Trust the original Traser H3.